Product Sourcing in China

Product Sourcing in China




Grab the best of the best!

KW Trading is your one stop solution for product sourcing in china. We are determined to provide you the best of all products. Our team understand your need for the ultimate quality products at the best prices. To support your business and increase the profit margin, we let you get products directly from the Shenzhen manufactories. It lets you access the best products at the best prices. There is no need to compromise on any available source.


We’ve made china sourcing simple

Approaching the best manufacturers in china seems difficult? We are here to help you. With your all business operations, product sourcing seems difficult and cost you a lot of time. That’s why, we have made the process easy. Now you can buy form china like you are buying form any local market. Following the simple yet effective process, you will have products delivered in no time.


Demand and Research

You will provide us your demand and as your china sourcing agent, we will do all the research. We have top manufactures enlisted in our records. However, we will dig out the best of them matching to your demand draft.



While you will be planning to market the product, we will provide you best pricing, quality and quantity quotations by the manufacturers. It will help you to decide on which product suits you style and satisfy your demand well.


Order management

Once you approve the vendor we will process the order. Our experts take care of the order and its management at its best. You will get the paper work done by the team and everything proceed smoothly with transparency.



Not just the order, we take care of the shipment. You sit back at your office and we will process all the shipment procedures for you in real time. Getting best products for your online or offline store is simple with us.


Your gateway to smart product sourcing

Why buy from china when you have other marketplaces? You might have this question popping up in your mind always, so here we are helping you with some answers.

Being a Chinese sourcing company, we’ve studied the market competition before marketing our products. It is essential to know the merits and benefits as a consumer you will get from chinses manufactories.


Multiple industries to select from

In china, there are manufacturers for every industry. As the best souring agent china we let you select a form a wide range of industries. It includes:

  • Technology
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Garments and textiles
  • Household products
  • Lifestyle products
  • Luxury items
  • Electronic products
  • Media instruments and more.

There are limitless options of industries you can make selection from. It is all about your preference. You name it and we provide you the best products from that industry. You can find products that support any business and any industry all the time.


Unlimited product categories

Along with the industries, you can find unlimited product categories. These products can be the raw material to finished options. You call for the product and we bring you that product on demand.


Best pricing

Being you chance purchasing agent, we never let you feel odd about pricing. Our focus is to come up with the best pricing options for you. It is the core factor that add value to your business. When you are getting the best price, you will be able to make the best profit out of business.


Quality assurance

Along with pricing, we take care of quality when find suppliers in china. While keeping the prices affordable we ensure quality. The products you will be getting worth investment and make good sales in your local marketplace. No matter if you are going for a retail or wholesale business, we are there for you.


Affordable shipment

Shipment is what makes a great deal on the finances. We ensure you will get the best shipment quotation and do not have to spend a lot there. since we have dispatching orders for multiple clients every day, quick and affordable shipment is easy for us. By combining multiple order shipments to your country or using the best pricing facility, we ensure you will have a perfect deal.


Secured transactions

When you are reaching out to the best sourcing agent china, you should be sure about the transactions. We ensure you will have the safest transaction pathway that keep your money safe. We do offer you multiple transaction options that keep everything transparent and simple.


How we do the product sourcing for you?

China Buyer is the most trusted and well known Chinese sourcing company having its own values and patterns to find manufacturer in china. We make sure to come up with the best options all the time. These are the procedures that help us gain trust form our clients and get more people in business.

We have an extensive process of product research, manufacture selection, quality assurance and then outsourcing.


Product and market research

By contacting multiple manufactories in several industries we conduct an extensive research first. We do not go blind why buy form Shenzhen. There is a procedure to locate and list down all the possible manufacturers that we can reach out.

After collecting their profiles and company background we reach out to their product sampling. It is essential to have the samples and know their production method. The production plants are important for us as the manufacturer should be able to handle orders and deliver them in time.

After a complete survey and analysis of the production capacity, product quality, pricing and other factors, we list down the best of them.


Pricing and deals

Before our client reach out to us for the demand, we are always a step ahead. Doing something extra makes us the best Chinese sourcing agent. Once we have the manufacturer listed, we prefer to get them into a binding contract.

As we want to provide you the best prices, so we negotiate on pricing and deals with the Chinese manufactories. Asking for their best bids or proposals for the products along with the specific range of products. It helps us to provide you immediate and flexible quotations every time.

We only keep the Shenzhen manufactories o top of the list that are providing the best prices with quality products or other benefits. It helps us to make some better deal for you. Eventually, you can relax at the manufacturer or sourcing procedure as you are getting everything at one place.


Lock in contracts

We do have lock in contracts with the manufactories to ensure quality, pricing and in time delivery. To give you the best experience of purchase from china, we make sure not to leave a loop hole in process. By keeping an eye on every arrangement, we ensure you will end up with quality results and outcomes.

The lock in contracts keep the manufacturers in the loop and stick to their commitment. Our processes are legally backed by the legal consultants, so your advance payment and time is all secured. We give you heads up once the contracts are done so you can work further process.


Always backing your business

China buyer provides you the best support whenever it comes to the best product sourcing from china. We have got your back. No matter which region you are in, we are always there to serve you with the best.

To serve you best we have got:

  • Product sourcing professional
  • Product auditors for every industry
  • Pricing managers
  • Legal support
  • Shipment specialists
  • Product and packaging team

Each of them know their job and perform best to ensure you will have a growing and preparing business. We do take the lead and let you to expand your business with safer and better investments every time.


Exceptional add-ons in product sourcing

Being one of the top rates china product sourcing companies in china, we have a number of exceptional add-ons for our clients. These are the features makes your transactions and procedures more compliant and trustworthy.


Realistic sampling

Our company never let you rest at the virtual sampling of the product. We ensure you the realistic sampling. Either we will dispatch you sample products so you can experience it yourself or provide you a sampling report.

Our experts review and audit the product sample and prepare an in detail report for it. You will get to know about the material, dimensions, material quality, durability and many other features in the report. It helps you make the right decision for product sourcing.


Accurate prototype

Prototypes for products are one of the best ways to avoid the wrong or mislead orders. We stand out among the rest of product sourcing companies in china. We believe in prototyping in the first place. If you are going for a custom made product, we will suggest you to get yourself a prototype first.

It helps you in knowing the ultimate shape and quality of the product. So, our prototyping services helps you get the best prototypes of products that are custom for you.


Warehouse facilities

You order is delivered by the manufacturer but you want to hold it because another order is in process. To dispatch both orders in the same shipment, we let you keep the ready products to a warehouse. Arranging a warehouse in china for you can be difficult. You may not know the warehouse capacity, location, security and facilities.

We are here to help you. Our experts will review the warehouses and get you the best one available that will keep your products safe for the desired time. You can save cost on double shipment moreover will have secured warehouse to keep the products.


Product labeling

Other than manufacturing, we do support the product labeling for you. Each product is labeled with all of its essential details and more. We provide you the labeling services as an add-on so you will not have to go through another process when the products reach you.

Eventually, the delivered products are ready to be sold out and you are good to distribute them without any hesitation.


Product audit

We never dispatch the product blindly for shipment. Though you are sourcing a huge number of products right from the manufacturers but still need to check the order. So, we offer you an extended help. Instead you will send back the faulted products after shipment, you can hire us to do the product audit.

Before shipment, we can audit the order and products delivered. It helps to come up with an idea about the product quality, quantity and more. In case of any damaged or poor quality products scanned, we can revert them back to manufacturer and even help you take all essential actions against the issue.


Product marketing support

for our prestigious customers, we do extend a hand towards marketing operations. Knowing you struggle for the product marketing, we help you have the smartest solutions for that. In our services, we add on product photography or testimonial recording for the products.

With our marketing support, you will be able to have the marketing material available to distribute in the market. It helps you to book orders for the products before they reach your border. The advance sales help you lock up better profit and know the possible success of the products in the market.


Make your ROIs better!

Buying on smart prices with best quality ensure you return on investment on a higher level. You are one step away from having the best business experience with China buyer. We are here as you partner and sourcing agent.

With all extensive research and background, we let you fall at the right place and trade the best. Come up with a demand draft, and we will take care of the rest.


We help you to kick start your business!

You know demand and we are here to supply. The best sourcing agent china is right there to provide you ultimate assistance. With one call you can process your demand order. Save you time and money by investing it at the right product.


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