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Custom Manufacturing in China


We are a sophisticated company that makes the process of custom manufacturing and ensuring products deliver up to standards for businesses easy and almost effortless.

One of the biggest challenges for foreign businesses is to find a supplier that they can trust. We are your boots on the ground in China, representing your company to identify and assess matching suppliers. We handle products ranging from consumer goods to medical equipment. We are your go-to when it comes to producing and delivering the right products to your customers.

Prototyping done right

Shenzhen is one of the best places for prototyping due to its location in China’s manufacturing hub Guangdong. Its supply chain is an optimal environment for rapid and cost-efficient prototyping. This is where we help your vision come to reality.

Production Management

We make sure that the production goes to plan by carrying out inspections on a regular basis. This ensures that everything a part of the process is working smoothly and the system is efficient.