Customs Clearance

Save yourself the hassle of understanding and working on all these custom clearances with China Sourcing Agent. As your partner in procuring goods in China, our sourcing specialists will help prepare all of the documentation and have it streamlined for you. Everything, from compliance to import rights and permits will be taken care of, only informing you of what you need to know before the shipment.

Before sourcing products from China, sellers have to consider not only shipping and delivery costs, but also custom clearances and fees. There are many things to look at in terms of documentation and clearances, including import and export rights for your country, checking for permits on certain products, and calculating the costs, among others. A wrong move here could cost valuable time and money, as the products purchased can encounter a delay in shipment, or might not leave the port at all.

You will also be advised by your sourcing specialist of the best and safest options during the process, giving you the power to make an informed decision with confidence. With years of experience in the sourcing industry, you are guaranteed that our sourcing specialists will not miss anything that could affect your product’s shipment.