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Product Sourcing in China

Want to Import Products from China ?

We help you find Factories , Manufacturers and Suppliers in China, get competitive prices, follow up production , ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

We are professional in Product Sourcing in China, with 15 Years of experience in Product Sourcing and Purchasing, we will guaranty that you will get the best quality with competitive pricing.


We are experts in product sourcing and custom manufacturing in china. We’ve designed this work process to take as much work and risk off of you as possible. So you can focus on your business, and we focus on what we do best. Browsing online stores could seem like the easiest way to source products from another country. However, comparing the product quality and price is a big challenge without a pair of eyes on the scene. The process of ordering, waiting, and trying the products individually can cost too much time and money. Sellers are also prone to scams when using this process, affecting not only your budget, but can also lead to poor customer experiences and review scores.

With KW sourcing, we guarantee to give only the best products and the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Our sourcing specialists go through over 1,000 affiliate and non-affiliate factories to find the most appropriate fit for your specific requirements. Having eyes and hands on-site frees up your management resources, allowing you to divert more attention to building your brand and expanding your market.

Build and optimize your supply chain by partnering with our sourcing specialists from Kw Sourcing Agent. Not only are you given quality products your brand can rely on, the costs of shipping, customs, and procurement are also streamlined and simplified for faster and efficient transactions. Contact us today and speak with our expert sourcing specialist to start addressing your sourcing needs.

Step By Step

Research | Service | KW Trading | Product Sourcing in China | Shenzhen

01. Research

We identify matching suppliers according to your requirements.




Quotation | Service | KW Trading | Product Sourcing in China | Shenzhen

02. Quotation

We provide quotations for your products and carry out factory inspections if needed.




Order Management | Service | KW Trading | Product Sourcing in China | Shenzhen

03. Order Management

When you decide to place the order, we provide our third-party escrow service and release the payments to the supplier only if they reach certain checkpoints that we control.

Shipping and Logistic | Service | KW Trading | Product Sourcing in China | Shenzhen

04. Shipping

After the final inspection of your products we release the last payment to the supplier and arrange the shipment of the products to your location.



Products that we can Source for you in China

chemical products expert product sourcing agent in china shenzhen

Chemical Products

mobile phone accessories expert product sourcing agent in china shenzhen

Mobile Accessories

electronic components expert product sourcing agent in china shenzhen

Electronic Components

raw materials expert product sourcing agent in china shenzhen

Raw Materials

medical equipment expert product sourcing agent in china shenzhen

Medical Equipment

machinery and product lines expert product sourcing agent in china shenzhen

Machinery and Production Lines

Quality Inspection

KW Trading will make sure that your product are of the high quality. we offer professional quality control process services such as detailed photography for your product photo and video product inspection, and our staff can inspect them at the factory if you want.

Some Questions

How to source cheap products from china ?

most people are thinking about start do business with china and for start what they need is reliable supplier which can give you good quality product with competitive price , what we can say is you came to the right company we will help you to reach your desire .

How to outsource products from china ?

when it comes to product outsourcing specially in china what comes to your mind is let’s search in Alibaba but let me tell you something ! most of the suppliers in Alibaba are trading companies and they charge you much more than a real manufactory , if you want to find real manufactory and get in touch directly please don’t hesitate to contact us .

How to find a distributor in china ?

one of our services is to find a first-hand distributors of any product in very short time , as we got our local sourcing team already got enough connection in most business fields, it help us to serve better service to our clients.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

You can focus on business, and we handle everything until you get products. Working with us, you will save both Time and Money.