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Factory Inspection in China


Relieve yourself from quality concerns and import risks. A common concern when importing from China is the reliability of the factories and the quality of the goods. We help minimize import risks by our factory inspections and can identify quality defects before shipment.

Unsure if you should trust your supplier?

We also carry out the mini-due-diligence of Chinese suppliers to see whether they perform up to standards and deliver on their promises.  We analyze their corporate structure using Chinese business data banks and investigate their actual business licenses and certificates.

International certifications

Failing to ensure that factories are compliant with international safety standards can lead to high penalties when importing to your home country. We make sure that the supplier carries all necessary certifications to produce your product every step of the way.

Detailed QC reports

Get a neat and detailed report within 48 hours after the inspection according to customized quality assurance and control protocols.

Factory Audits & Inspections

We help with FCC, CE & UL inspections, sample testing, inventory audits, in-process inspections, pre-shipment inspections, and more.